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Sample Wedding Budget Breakdown for a $10,000 Wedding

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Planning a $10,000 wedding? Let's make it amazing without breaking the bank! Here's a sample budget breakdown to help you prioritize and save those hard-earned dollars:

1. Venue and Catering:

- Think outside the box! Explore unique venues and consider self-catering options: $2,000

Bride in a forest
Wedding Dress

- Let's get creative with menu choices and opt for casual, yet delicious, heavy hors d'oeuvres: $2,500

- Total: $4,500

2. Attire and Accessories:

- You don't have to sacrifice style! Hunt for sales and sample dresses, or even consider renting: $700 (Shein has cute and AFFORDABLE Wedding Dresses...ijs!)

- Groom's Attire: Check out affordable options like suit rentals or sales: $300

- Total: $1000

3. Floral Decor (Miles of Rosies Flower Rentals):

- Let's bring your vision to life with our affordable floral rentals! Choose seasonal blooms and prioritize the must-haves: $500

- We'll make sure your bouquet and centerpieces shine while getting creative with other budget-friendly decor ideas: $300

- Total: $800

White Champagne Cart with Flowers
Faux flower arrangements by Miles of Rosies Flowers. Champagne Cart provided by Prop Champagne Rentals.

4. Photography and Videography:

- Capture the magical moments with a skilled photographer for a limited number of hours: $1,500

- To save on videography, why not ask a talented friend or family member to help? Priceless memories without the cost!

- Total: $1,500

5. Entertainment:

- Let's get the party started on a budget! Create a killer playlist and hook up a sound system or hire a local DJ for a few hours: $500

- Total: $500

6. Invitations and Stationery:

- Embrace your DIY skills! Save money by opting for electronic invitations. Use free online templates for programs and place cards and print them at your local printers: $100

- Total: $100

7. Wedding Planner/Coordinator:

- You're a master planner, but a little help is always great. Consider a day-of coordinator or get support from loved ones: $500

- Total: $500

8. Miscellaneous Expenses:

- Let's focus on what matters most! Allocate funds for the marriage license and your beautiful wedding rings: $700

- Keep transportation costs low by choosing a local venue or carpooling with loved ones: $200

- Put your personal touch on favors or consider homemade options for a heartfelt touch: $100

- Total: $1,000

Total Estimated Wedding Budget: $10,000

Remember, this is your special day! We hope this sample wedding budget for a $10,000 wedding helps you stay within your budget, while giving you a beautiful day to remember forever.

Champagne Tower

Disclaimer: Hey there! We want to make sure you have an amazing wedding planning experience, so we've put together this budget checklist to help you get started. It's important to remember that the figures and estimates provided are meant to give you a general idea and may vary based on your location and specific circumstances. Prices can change, and unexpected factors may come into play. We're here to guide you, but it's ultimately up to you to research and verify the most accurate and up-to-date information for your wedding. Use this checklist as a helpful tool, but feel free to make adjustments and personalize it according to your unique needs.

Happy budgeting and wedding planning!


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